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    Thames and Kosmos Magic Edition, Gold

     2,499.00  2,124.00

    Master the magical arts with 150 magic tricks and with this extensive collection of magic props, you can easily learn, practice and perform 150 incredible magic tricks and illusions to astonish spectatorsCups and ball tricks, magic pom pom tricks, dragon tunnel, dice tunnel, dice magicMagic rabbits, metal ring tricks, magic rubber bands, ball magic, ring and rope tricks, tricks with household itemsSecret magic card tricks, magic thimble tricks, magic wand tricks, rope tricks and magic coin tricks

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    Thames and Kosmos Magic Edition, Silver

     1,799.00  1,529.00

    The 100 magic tricks in this kit can be easily learned, practiced and mastered to stun and amaze audiencesMagic paddle tricks, card tricks, coin tricks, dragon tunnel tricks, rope tricksMagic wand tricks, magic thumb tricks, handkerchief tricks and tricks with household items

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    Thames and Kosmos Magic Onyx Edition, Black

     3,999.00  3,399.00

    Metal ring tricks, magic mirror glass, magic coin cups, magic paddles, rope tricks, sponge tricks, magic rice bowls, the astonishing card frame, coin tricks and dice tricksMagic thumb tricks, handkerchief tricks, rubber band tricks, the magic egg, tricks with tissues and thimble tricksMagic card tricks, the magic card box, magic with money, the astonishing magic thumb, tricks with house hold items and svengali cards