Lego Umarak the Hunter, Multi Color

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Let the chase begin. Umarak the hunter has sent out his army of shadow traps to lure the elemental creatures into danger. Will he also find the golden mask of control and use its mind bending powers to defeat the brave toa. Fire the bone hunting bow shooter with poison arrows. Umarak the hunter is unlike anything his opponents have faced before. Umarak the hunter features a bionicle head with mask pop off trigger, hunter mask, shadow trap shoulder blades, chest piece with unique runes, unity piece to attach elemental creatures and posable joints. Weapons include bone hunting bow shooter. Accessory elements include golden mask of control. Twist the torso wheel to wield the weapons. Never miss a target with the giant the bone hunting bow shooter and poison arrows. Unleash the shadow traps by detaching from umarak the hunter2019;s shoulders. Sturdy design for intense action play. Switch with other creatures in the 2016 Lego bionicle series to create new combinations of battle powers.

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